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Welcome to Journey Home

Journey Home is a small residential transitional living program for teens stepping down from another residential or wilderness setting.  As a sister program to Solstice RTC in Utah, Journey Home is specifically designed for girls and assigned female at birth ages 16 – 21 years old who have successfully completed a therapeutic program, and for one reason or another, returning to the home is not the best option for them.

Journey Home West

Our core principles guide your growth at Journey Home West. From the daily life skills to overall treatment goals, these principles give us a common language and help us track progress!

Layton, Utah

Located in Layton, Utah, near Salt Lake City, our residents get to experience city living while taking advantage of all the outdoor recreation activities in the surrounding mountains.

Resident Profile

We help 16-21 year old teens from all over the country continue to build upon the success they’ve found in a prior treatment setting. Learn more about our student profile.

Join Us

Take the next step on your journey and learn more about joining our warm and supportive community. We are excited to welcome you and answer your questions!

Our Transitional Living Program For Young Women

Perhaps the client needs more structure than home provides to ensure ongoing success. Or, perhaps the young adult needs more focus on independent living skills or learning important life skills we call Core Principles to prepare them for the next step in their lives. The Journey Home can be just the right fit for many girls and assigned female at birth in this situation.

Journey Home residents live in a small community based home minutes away from our Solstice RTC residential treatment center. During the day residents leave for school or a local job while back at the home at night we’ll have a more traditional “home life” guided by Journey Home staff who are helping residents gain vital life skills.

Want to know what life is like at Journey Home?

Check Out Our Other Locations

Journey Home East
Asheville, North Carolina
Young Women Ages 16-21

Journey Home Young Adult
Salt Lake City, Utah
Young Women Ages 18-23