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While the stress of adolescence decreases through your teens, young adulthood is marked by another series of major life transitions. Hopelessness, anxiety, and frustration are part of the process, even if you feel like you’ve worked hard to manage these emotions. Transitioning from a residential program into a step-down program focuses on teaching you life skills to help you integrate into the adult world.  In a residential program, the focus is on emotional processing and healing, while a transitional program allows...

Although your teenager has made a lot of progress in a residential program and has demonstrated readiness for the next step, transitioning from residential treatment is a process that often involves stepping down to continue to offer emotional support. Leaving residential treatment can be a culture shock, even if your daughter has gone on home visits before graduation. They may have taken advantage of all the resources their residential treatment center has to offer and grown comfortable in a therapeutic...

Young adults may be hesitant to get help when they are struggling. You may not know exactly what to do to help. Talking about them may be uncomfortable and you may not know where to begin. Help for depressed young adult may start at home. However, extending beyond the home and getting professional help may be necessary. Before you can address the situation head on, you must first acknowledge that there is an issue present to address. Here are some...