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Getting Your First Part-Time Job

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how to get your first job

Starting out in the workforce can be an exciting and confusing time. There are many choices when it comes to finding the right job for you, but there are tips to use to help you feel confident as you start on your journey.

Do your research. To begin looking for a job, start by thinking about what career paths interest you the most. Would you like to work independently or with a team? Do you enjoy a fast-paced workplace or a job with less pressure? When you have decided on the type of job you might enjoy, research different positions in different companies. Understanding things like a business’ mission statement can help you decide if a job might be the right fit. 

Practice your interview skills. Interviewing is an important part of finding a job. Dressing professionally and arriving promptly for your interview shows the interviewer that you respect their time and the business itself. There are many websites that list some of the most common interview questions you may be asked. Reading these lists can help you prepare answers ahead of time when you feel calm, instead of trying to think of an answer on the spot when you may be feeling anxious. Having those answers in your back pocket can make you feel more confident when you head into your interview. 

Make a resume. Even if you have not had a job before, you can still create a resume to bring to interviews. A resume can include clubs, volunteering, training, or workshops you’ve attended, and any achievements you have earned. A resume helps employers learn more about you and how you may fit into their company. If you’ve been a part of model U.N. throughout high school, it shows employers that you are confident working with others and speaking in public. If you received an award for a science fair, it can show that you are skilled at working with data and details. 

Think about your work-life balance. Even a part-time job takes time. If you are balancing work with school or family obligations, think about how much time you can realistically devote to a job. Should it be weekends and evenings, or do you need evenings to catch up on school work from the day? When applying for a job, it can be easy to say “yes” to everything they ask for, because you want to be a part of their business. But it is important to be realistic about how you can manage a work-life balance. If being overwhelmed at a job means that tasks and responsibilities begin to slip through the cracks, chances are you will end up having a negative first job experience. 

Be resilient. Finding a job may not be a quick process. It will probably take time to find a job that you feel will be a good fit. You will probably need to go for multiple interviews with multiple businesses before you find your part-time job. Being patient is an important part of the process. Even more than being patient, it is important to bounce back when you receive a rejection email or a business doesn’t even return your job inquiry. Stay with the process and know that being resilient is the key to getting the job you want. 

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