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Step By Step: Helping Young Adults Build Life Skills for Independence

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While the stress of adolescence decreases through your teens, young adulthood is marked by another series of major life transitions. Hopelessness, anxiety, and frustration are part of the process, even if you feel like you’ve worked hard to manage these emotions. Transitioning from a residential program into a step-down program focuses on teaching you life skills to help you integrate into the adult world. 

In a residential program, the focus is on emotional processing and healing, while a transitional program allows more time for application of new coping skills while still in a safe environment. Journey Home is a good option for residents who want more independence from their families but need additional emotional support to make their step down more successful. Most teens struggle with the transition to independent living; however, teens who struggle with mental health issues may have a harder time setting goals for their future and feeling confident in their ability to achieve them. 

Our program revolves around five Core Principles that serve as stepping stones on their path to leading healthier and happier lives. 


  1. Practical Life Skills


  • Financial (budgeting, balancing a checkbook, saving) – we offer coaching on how to set appropriate financial goals.
  • Shopping – shopping excursions are also teachable moments to encourage financial planning.
  • Cooking – for themselves and for the community.
  • Job searching and interviewing skills.
  1. Personal Responsibility
  • Daily accountability (chores, hygiene, cleaning, personal care) – residents are required to take care of themselves and their environment.
  • Task completion
  • Keeping commitments
  • Organization and time management
  1. Education
  • Skills, interests, and hobbies – we provide opportunities to develop and nurture new passions and skills.
  • High school or college academics – we help students pursue their next academic goals by offering tutoring, teaching study skills, and giving girls and assigned female at birth the opportunity to either finish their high school degree or enroll in a local community college or online school.
  • Workplace and career skills – We offer job interview coaching and help students find volunteer opportunities or jobs that fit their interests. 
  1. Social Integration
  • Positive recreational activities – snowsports in the winter, visiting museums, going to the movies, exploring the local outdoors by hiking and biking, and many other local events and activities 
  • Community service – helps connect with the local community and give back in a positive way.
  • Home-like environment
  1. Healthy Living
  • Relationships and social interactions – learning how to develop positive, mutually supportive friendships with appropriate levels of intimacy.
  • Physical exercise 
  • Mental, emotional, and spiritual health – healthier bodies lead to healthier minds

Journey Home Can Help

Journey Home is a transitional living program provides an environment for teens ages 16-21 to thrive as they continue to work towards academic and independent living goals. While teens attend our program, they gain important life skills that they can carry with them into independence. Journey Home is the perfect fit for teens who are ready to build upon skills learned in therapeutic settings but recognize they still need guidance and support to further develop their success. Journey Home blends a traditional home setting with positive peer and staff relationships. At Journey Home we believe in the value of good health and healthy hobbies, two crucial aspects of happy, successful adults. We specialize in working with people who struggle with a variety of presenting problems such as: depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, body image issues, low self esteem and learning issues.  The mission of Journey Home is to assist teens in making a healthy transition into becoming a responsible and successful young adult.