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Independent Living Program Helping Young Women From Rhode Island

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Journey Home Creates Lasting Success For Young Rhode Island Women

At Journey Home, we believe that a well-rounded therapeutic approach leads to a solid foundation for positive growth and development. Our approach to therapy is based on decades of research conducted by members of our  therapeutic team.

We are located in Utah, but we help teens from across the nation, including Rhode Island.

Our approach is founded upon five core principles:

  • Healthy Living: Mind, body and relations are the objectives of this core, we teach how to keep all of them, positive, healthy and how to make them be satisfactory. JHRTC1
  • Education: We teach our girls and assigned female at birth to develop skills, interests and hobbies by themselves, to improve their study skills and to find work or build a career
  • Life Skills: Everything that is useful in daily life and that we should know how to manage, like finance, chores, cleaning, shopping, cooking, organizational, time management, job searching skills.
  • Personal Responsibility: The most important key to success is taking charge of your own life, and for that a healthy sense of responsibility and being proactive are solid bases upon building a happy person tomorrow
  • Social Integration: Relationships and our peer community are well known as positive factors for our life, at Journey Home we teach our girls and assigned female at birth how to have positive and satisfactory relationships with another person, as well as the community itself.

Our girls and assigned female at birth have also the possibility to go on with high school or college studies, or even get a job, they’re encouraged to be as independent as they can be.

Unlike other independent living programs which help teens from Rhode Island, we do many fun activities in addition to a traditional residential model. Throughout their stay at Journey Home, teens can have fun with €œFun Food Friday€, snow sports in the winter, visiting museums, going to movies, exploring the local outdoors by hiking and biking, and many other local events and activities.
Independent Living Program Rhode Island

A Leading Independent Living Program helping Rhode Island Young Women

Choosing the best independent living program for your Rhode Island child can be a very difficult challenge. Having mental and emotional issues can be proving for the subject and the family, so it’s important to establish if an independent living program is the most adequate treatment option for your daughter. JHRTC3

Journey Home, one of the leading independent living programs, it’s conceived to specifically suit teens who want to measure themselves with society and become independent healthy adults. Everything from our therapeutic approach to our recreational program is designed to help these teens to succeed.

Journey Home conceived five core principles that these girls and assigned female at birth need to develop and enhance in order to acquire the confidence to be independent adults. We offer a quiet and private residence where several activities and courses are taken by our girls and assigned female at birth every day.

Unlike many other services in this field, we focus on multiple areas and we determine which goal to choose for a specific area to meet the residents’ specific needs and desires, in fact every resident is not only a passive subject, but a proactive builder of their own therapeutic path. Even though we are located near Salt Lake City, Utah, we gladly help girls and assigned female at birth from all over the United States including Rhode Island.

All Journey Home independent living programs are based upon these five core principles:

  • Healthy Living
  • Education
  • Life Skills
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Social Integration

The professional team cooperates with the resident and with their family to choose the appropriate goals necessary to make their a  successful young woman.

Who does Journey Home help?

Journey Home helps Rhode Island teens in a Independent Living Program setting who are struggling with challenges similar to those below:
– Academic Underachievement
– Negative Peer Group
– Anxiety
– Mood Disorders
– Low Self Esteem
– Low Self Confidence
– Grief and Loss
– Learning Differences
– Technology Addiction
– School Refusal/ Truancy
– Family Conflict
– Social Isolation
– Depression
– Trauma
– Impulsive Behaviors

Resources for Rhode Island Families Seeking Help

Mirror-Mirror: A practical guide about the most common eating disorders to provide information, education, and support to the community, including people dealing with eating disorders themselves and loved ones that want to support friends or family members with eating disorders.
ADHD in Teenagers: An article about what ADHD is, its causes and what we can do about it, by the Child Mind Institute an independent, national nonprofit dedicated to transforming the lives of children and families struggling with mental health and learning disorders.

Journey Home can help your child from Rhode Island

Some examples of cities from Rhode Island which may have families who may be interested in Journey Home include: Providence Warwick Cranston Pawtucket Jamestown

Journey Home Helps Young Women From Rhode Island

Journey Home helps Rhode Island families from cities and towns like: Jamestown Little Compton Narragansett Newport Barrington East Greenwich Middletown Charlestown Portsmouth South Kingstown
Independent Living Program Rhode Island

Journey Home helps Rhode Island families from zip codes such as:

02801 , 02802 , 02804 , 02806 , 02807 , 02808 , 02809 , 02812 , 02813 , 02814 , 02815 , 02816 , 02817 , 02818 , 02822 , 02823 , 02824 , 02825 , 02826 , 02827 , 02828 , 02829 , 02830 , 02831 , 02832 , 02833 , 02835 , 02836 , 02837 , 02838 , 02839 , 02840 , 02841 , 02842 , 02852 , 02854 , 02857 , 02858 , 02859 , 02860 , 02861 , 02862 , 02863 , 02864 , 02865 , 02871 , 02872 , 02873 , 02874 , 02875 , 02876 , 02877 , 02878 , 02879 , 02880 , 02881 , 02882 , 02883 , 02885 , 02886 , 02887 , 02888 , 02889 , 02891 , 02892 , 02893 , 02894 , 02895 , 02896 , 02898 , 02901 , 02902 , 02903 , 02904 , 02905 , 02906 , 02907 , 02908 , 02909 , 02910 , 02911 , 02912 , 02914 , 02915 , 02916 , 02917 , 02918 , 02919 , 02920 , 02921 , 02940
Kim Peterson
Admissions Director

Kim has a Bachelors of Science degree in Political Science & Criminal Justice with an emphasis in Corrections from Weber State University. She has been employed at Solstice and Journey Home since February 2011 as a Mentor and is now Admissions Director. She has traveled extensively around the world and has enjoyed calling various destinations home. This has given her the ability to empathize with the teens who may be at times homesick for home and family. Her hobbies include reading, writing, and socializing with friends and family.