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Building Success

At Journey Home West, we specialize in working with teens ages 16-21 with emotional, behavioral, or mental health disorders. Prior to arriving at Journey Home, our residents have successfully completed another therapeutic program. Some examples of the programs that our clients come from include: residential treatment centers, therapeutic wilderness programs, therapeutic boarding schools, and similar treatment programs.

Young people that are the right fit for Journey Home West are committed to working toward healthy relationships and healthy living.  Additionally, they have demonstrated this with at least six (6) months of sobriety before enrolling.

Journey Home is a small, residential home setting dedicated to the guidance and healing of teens looking to continue their path to become successful, capable adults.

Typical struggles of Journey Home residents include:

Typical struggles of Journey Home residents include:

  • Depressive disorders
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Body image issues
  • ADD/ADHD and other learning issues
  • Academic struggles
  • Low self-esteem

The right match for a Journey Home student is someone who is at a much higher level of functioning than those seeking residential treatment services but are not ready for life at home.

Journey Home specializes in serving females and assigned female at birth ages 16 – 21 with emotional, behavioral, or mental health disorders.

Requirements for student to attend:

    • Graduation from residential treatment center, therapeutic wilderness program, therapeutic boarding school, or other similar treatment programs
    • Have demonstrated readiness for this level of responsibility and freedom
    • Committed and stable relative to ongoing life and therapeutic goals
    • Committed to sobriety and has demonstrated this prior to admission; joining Journey Home includes random drug testing